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Addiction Treatment

We treat and have treated addictions for more than ten years now. The addition of the Bioresonance technology allows us to treat on a different level and adds advantage over other clinics or practitioners who only have bioresonance to help treat people.

Bioresonance treatment, which is part of our treatment program, is not exclusive to anyone. Bioresonance is a technology that has been developed and used for more than thirty years now. Treating addictions is not exclusive to anyone either, there are many clinics and practitioners. What is important is that you receive the very best treatment to help you quit your addiction and start to live your life the way you want. The reputable and long standing experience of the clinic ensures that your post detox recovery and after care provides you with ongoing support based on many years of helping people back to full health mentally and physically.

At the clinic we combine 12 years of psychological practical experience of treating addictions and helping people in conjunction with the superior technology of bioresonance detox treatment. In this way we help to remove the addiction both psychologically (the mental dependence) and physically (the physical dependence - the body craving for the substance).

Whether it is drug substances like cannabis etc; or addictions to alcohol, internet porn, or nicotine we can help.

As with all our patients there is total confidentiality, the treatments can be carried out at our clinic in Worcester.

Please contact the clinic in the first instance for further information on our treatment process and prices. 

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