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FAQ Stop Smoking

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we are asked about the stop smoking treatment.

How successful is the treatment - Why are your success rates higher? We use superior bioresonance equipment and have crafted specialist formulas particular to smoking which are not available elsewhere. We also continue to develop this technology to help in many other areas of detox like cannabis, alcohol and Class A drugs and therefore look to achieve much higher results. In addition to this we have over 20 years experience and success in helping people quit smoking. Our success rate with the two treatments combined is far higher than if they are tended to be used individually on their own, which is the case with some Bioresonance practitioners and hypnotherapists. As far as we are aware there are only two clinics in the whole of the UK that have the knowledge and experience to offer both advanced hypnotherapy and bioresonance detox treatment together, thats why we are so unique and successful. . (see our testimonials page as proof of this - we also use advanced hypnotherapy at the same time which gives even greater advantage!)

Are there any side effects? The treatment is completely 100% safe with no side effects. Combined with the hypnotherapy the treatment and therapy is designed to remove cravings for cigarettes and also to not substitute food or anything else and you feel a whole lot better! So you do not need to worry about substituting food and putting on weight ladies!

What does the treatment involve? Our bioresonance equipment measures and inverts the frequency patterns sampled from your cigarettes/tobacco. The treatment works on the scientific principle of 'phase cancellation', nicotine has a positive charge in the body, which maintains the craving to smoke, the treatment simply and naturally cancels this out. NB: Please be aware that some clinics/practitioners just use bioresonance on its own and are not qualified to offer any other treatments such as hypnotherapy which is needed to remove the psychological and mental habits of the smoker. The advanced hypnotherapy has been tailored to remove the 'mental habit' and associations that smokers tend to have.

Is it really that simple? Yes it is, surprisingly enough! It doesn't have to be difficult to quit smoking. Our bioresonance detox is tried and trusted by medical professionals throughout the world. (we use this treatment to detox people from hard drug use). All our therapists are qualified, registered, experienced and fully insured, we are not someone that just operates a bioresonance machine and we care what happens to our clients after they leave our clinic, that's why we follow up every client with our after care program. Occasionally a client needs a second session, that's no problem at all, its free of charge. The important thing is that we help you quit far more easily than you could imagine.

Please note that our treatment program treats cravings and physical dependency, and the mental/psychological addiction. It certainly helps if you really want to be free of cigarettes but even clients who are initially a little reluctant can succeed with this treatment.

(A note of caution for you - it has come to our attention from some of our clients that some practitioners and clinics have set up with just a bioresonance machine and do not have any formal insurance, registration or qualification of any recognised body - always check their legitimacy, credibility, track record and competency for your own peace of mind).

How do I know this works? I have been using hypnotherapy since 1997 to help people quit smoking and remove cravings for more than eleven years now and in that time one particular smoker always springs to mind as he was smoking 120 cigarettes a day! (I know that's hard to believe, as I found it hard to believe when I first came across it but I can substantiate this as a genuine person and testimonial) I helped him to quit in ONE session JUST WITH HYPNOTHERAPY! Yes, you read that right, he was smoking 120 cigarettes a day and I helped him quit in one session just with hypnotherapy - and before you ask....he has not smoked a cigarette since our treatment and is still not smoking two years later!

The bioresonance equipment used by the clinic has been in use in the clinic since 2006 and is the same equipment we use to help people remove addictions like alcohol and drugs so you can see how the combination of using hypnotherapy and bioresonance detox is extremely powerful with helping you to quit smoking, after all nicotine is a drug which gives you cravings! (The clinic also provides detox treatment for many other addictions such as cannabis, alcohol or cocaine etc; - please contact the clinic direct if you require further information).Bioresonance treatment reverts your body energetically back to that of a non-smoker as it erases the electromagnetic imprint of the nicotine. We very simply reverse the pattern of the nicotine in your system. Our clinic treatment uses our own specific and unique bioresonance formula to help people remove the physical cravings. This formula has been developed over many years of research, development and testing to provide the successful results we achieve today. This treatment combined with advanced hypnotherapy to remove the mental and psychological habits is probably the easiest and most efficient way to help you quit smoking.

To date there has been in excess of 10,000 in the UK treated successfully to quit smoking with bioresonance. There have been many hundreds of thousands of people helped to quit smoking with hypnotherapy.

How many sessions would I need? Normally only one treatment. In our experience clients smoking in the region of 30 to 40+ per day are more likely to require the free second treatment. Clients smoking in excess of 60 per day may need more than two treatment sessions.

Our testimonials? Many of our clients who were initially sceptical and had tried other methods to try and quit are happy to give us feedback and write to us later with their success stories. Having been in business for more than 18 years our work mainly comes through referrals and word of mouth from previously satisfied clients. After all we have saved them their health and wealth and they are genuinley proud to tell us of their achievements and the changes they have made.

Some clinics just use bioresonance - What about the mental habit of smoking? Good question! Some Bioresonance Practitioners only use the bioresonance equipment because they are not registered therapists in any other discipline and have simply jumped on the bandwagon, bought a machine and set up in business. We have been in practice helping people quit smoking for more than 20 years, well before bioresonance came on the scene and we offer a full range of therapies alongside the bioresonance. A lot of smokers having tried other methods are concerned about the 'mental habit' of smoking and how they will cope psychologically with stopping smoking. We have found that after our bioresonance detox and hypnotherapy treatments combined have been applied this helps to completely stop the cravings for a cigarette and breaks the habits and the cycle of smoking both mentally and physically. Other clinics, who only offer hypnotherapy or bioresonance separately alone (and not together) do not do offer the same. We are unique with our methods which explains our high success rates. You will feel differently mentally and physically, after all you will be someone who no longer smokes. .

(see our testimonialspage as proof of this - we also use advanced hypnotherapy at the same time which gives even greater advantage!)

Is it a problem if I've been using patches to stop smoking? Thats no problem, we have already treated many people who have been using the other methods like nicotine patches, gum or gel. These nicotine replacement products still supply the body with nicotine and although the physical action of smoking may have stopped, the body's need for nicotine is still strong and continues. Patches are only 6% successful in stopping people from smoking, which means they have a 94% failure rate! When you stop using the patches or gum the cravings will return and you will start smoking again. Long term they achieve very little. If you read Allan Carr's book Scandal, it will give you a very enlightening view of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) currently being promoted by the NHS

Having tried other methods I 'm a bit sceptical? For people who have tried other methods (including hypnotherapy) before I understand the scepticism. Having been in business now helping people quit smoking for more than 18 years you would appreciate that the vast majority of our clients now come through referrals from previously successfully treated clients. Unlike some we don't just offer one treatment method and have a wealth of experience, knowledge and know how in helping people. If you have a genuine desire to quit this is the best, easiest and most powerful method you will ever have to help you quit. You have nothing to lose, apart from your habit!

I've tried other methods and nothings worked for me - Will this work for me? In my experience and applying both our unique formula's of bioresonance detox and advanced hypnotherapy - Yes, of course it can work for you. If you genuinely want to quit then it will work for you. In my experience this treatment works for everyone that wants to quit and has been designed to remove the physical cravings by the bioresonance naturally detoxing the nicotine from your body and then the hypnotherapy naturally removing the mental habit patterns and associations of cigarettes and building your confidence as a natural non-smoker.

Do you need to use hypnosis as well? With the success rates we have been achieving with the two therapies combined it would be foolish not to use hypnosis. We already have a very successful 18 year track record of success with helping people quit smoking just using hypnotherapy. We have no problem with using the bioresonance or hypnotherapy individually (i.e. if a client doesn't want to have hypnotherapy and just wants the Bioresonance or vice versa thats fine). Some bioresonance practitioners/clinics will say that you don't need hypnosis, that's simply because they are not registered hypnotherapists themselves and cannot offer that therapy because they are not qualified to do so.

Do I need to do anything before the appointment? Prior to the appointment I send you details of what will help you and what you need to do before and after the appointment You can continue to smoke as normal until your appointment, all I ask is that you try to avoid caffeine for at least a couple of days previous and then at least a couple of days after. After the treatment you also take away with you a Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy CD. It also helps to aid the detox process if you continue to drink plenty of water after the treatment. I also always ask that you try and go for as long as you can without a cigarette before the appointment so you attend with a strong craving to smoke. (You will then feel the instant effects of the treatment removing the cravings).

Stop Smoking and the NHS? We are a registered member of the NHS Directory and you can be referred to us by your own GP, however, the NHS are sometimes many years behind other developed countries in adopting new treatments, as the process is slow and lengthy and can take up to ten years for adoption of treatments that may have already been in successful and safe use globally by medical practitioners. If you read Allan Carr's book Scandal, it will give you a very enlightening view of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) currently being promoted by the NHS

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