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Allergies & Intolerances

Bioresonance Treatment for Allergies

Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment

Our diagnosis of clinical allergies and sensitivities, their treatment and where necessary medication for 'organ' dysfunction is carried out by means of the Bioresonance Medical Treatment. The treatment can scan for in excess of 300 food and non-food intolerances and reveals any areas where there may be an imbalance causing distress to the body’s system. (a full Kinesiology test can be run on all these items)

This is a reliable, gentle technique that has been used in Eastern Europe for more than 25 years and utilises measurements of the body’s electrical resistance. The process is not uncomfortable hence its practicality in treating children.

The patient simply puts on two wrist bands connected to the machine and a program is then run that detects imbalances within the body relating to the allergy condition. Once detected the system automatically then starts the correct healing process and balances those areas of sensitivity or intolerance. The system holds in excess of 285,000 different recognisable patterns that may be out of balance but you can test practically anything.

The clinic aims to cover all areas of imbalance for the individual patient, to correct the long term damage to organ systems, correct the problems of allergy induced by long term use of medicines such as antibiotics, long term stress, toxins etc. The Bioresonance treatment also prevents the need for the long process of elimination diets, and has greater accuracy and far more comprehensive coverage than patch testing and is more comfortable and quicker in its treatment methods than many presently available.

The clinic sets out to correct the problems not just to say -"here's a list of what you cannot eat". The aim is for a resumption of your whole system back to normal, harmonising all out of balance systems and ‘kick starting’ the bodies own auto-immune system to remedy relief. The Bioresonance treatment includes Homeopathic remedies and Bio-electronic desensitisation which automatically corrects the areas that have been causing the problem. Bioresonance treatment may be 'new' to some people with regard to its treatments and effectiveness. Some clinical studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy related to allergic conditions and asthma. These are listed below:

Clinical results for treatment of Asthma

Clinical results for treatment of Allergic Diseases

Clinical results for treatment of Allergic Skin Diseases

Hay Fever - a recent young child's experience at the clinic

Many of us operate on a day to day basis suffering with allergies, not realizing that you may be exposing yourself to foods (or other adverse energies) that affect how we feel and how we are both mentally and physically.

Allergies produce an imbalance in our bodies and can stress the body and burden the immune system. The symptoms of allergies can include tiredness, headache, oedema, skin rash and itching, blocked nose, itchy eyes, digestive problems, depression and hyperactivity in children.

The most common allergies are to wheat (certain bread products in particular), dairy products, cow's milk and eggs etc;. With the ever increasing ‘additives’ that we see in food there can also potentially be adverse reactions to these too, (i.e. the ‘e’ number additives, artificial colours and preservatives etc;) particularly in children whose immune systems are not as robust or as developed as adults. Many times hyper activity and the ADHD syndrome symptoms that are seen in children can be put down to the food diet.

There has been a recent article on the Foods Matter web site highlighting an example of the use of Bioresonance - its not possible to give you a direct link to that article at the moment as the web site is being remodelled however, if you click on this link for Bioresonance treatment example and choose the option for Complementary Therapies and Bioresonance you will find the article (NB: The article mentions a particular bioresonance machine that only desensitises two foods at a time. The machine used by the Clinic treats multiples of foods at one sitting)


Allergies can be triggered by foods, environmental chemicals, heavy metal intoxification, inhalents, parasites or stress. If your allergy is to a food or substance we can use the bioresonance machine to identify the allergy and then invert the electromagnetic frequency of the substance therefore cancelling it from the body and actually reducing the allergic reaction. With this treatment we advise coming in for several sessions so that any underlying issues such as toxicity can be dealt with first as these may well be contributing to the allergy and unless removed first desensitization will not be successful in the long term.

The patient can continue with the Bio e-pendant to continue to effect resistance to the allergy.

Food intolerance

Problem foods can be identified, eliminated and then desensitized on the bioresonance machine. This should enable reintroduction of the food without problems. The treatment needs to be done over several sessions but has proven to be very effective at resolving food intolerances. If there are any issues underlying the food intolerance such as candida, leaky gut or lack of digestive enzymes, then this will be identified and resolved before desensitizing the problem food.

The patient can continue with the Bio e-pendant to continue to effect resistance to the intolerance.


Hay fever occurs when the body reacts excessively to grass, pollen, moulds, spores and fumes. Other hay fever type triggers include cigarette smoke, dust, dust mites, fur and feathers. Our treatment involves a 'Prescription Formula' of items that contribute to the hay fever condition, we then tailor this formula to suit the individual lessening and eliminating your total allergic load by identifying problem areas. Specific allergens can be desensitized using bioresonance treatment. A sample of your pet hair or dust from your home can be brought in to the consultation and used to desensitize you.

Hay Fever can be treated in one session, normally lasting 2 hours. The patient then continues with the Bio e-pendant to continue to effect resistance to the allergy.

Recent example of hay fever sufferer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Children with ADHD may have an imbalance in the neurotransmitters in the front part of the brain. Some doctors believe they don't have enough of a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Children with ADHD may also lack the neurotransmitter noradrenaline.

Treatments for ADHD generally include drugs and talking treatments. Bioresonance therapy provides a natural way to balance any adverse elements in any specific or associated areas without recourse to any drugs to effect a solution.

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