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The Bio e-pendant

The Bio e-Pendant

The Bio e-Pendant is an accessory to the Bioresonance treatment Energy Balancing System; it acts as a programmable storage device for resonance patterns. It is designed such that every individual client has their own tailored program stored into the device ; their own ‘Prescription Formula’ of treatments which would include the resonance pattern formulas for allergies and food intolerances etc;

The low frequency resonance patterns are stored in the Bio e-Pendant during treatment and then continue to emit the required balancing to the body 24 hours a day. It is normally carried by the patient in a jacket or trouser pocket, working best when within 3 inches of the body

For continuous balancing during sleep the Bio e-Pendant can be placed under your pillow at night. Proximity of the Bio e-Pendant to the body ensures continuous balancing of the areas required by the patient to maintain the body’s systems equilibrium

Long Term Relapse Prevention

Clients can keep the Bio e-Pendant long term to help with relapse prevention. The Bio e-Pendant normally requires recharging every 30 days.

There are no harmful side-effects to using the Bio e-Pendant.

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