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Health & Wellbeing

Health & Well Being

Most people, even those who are relatively healthy, may have some underlying health concern, either existing or potential, which can at some stage potentially have a serious impact on their health and their lives.

Chronic illness is often the result of many causes or contributing factors such as allergies, infections, adverse bacteria and toxins etc; In order to get well and stay well it is important to identify as many causative factors as possible.

The Bioresonance treatment is very comprehensive and not only identifies, but automatically balances, existing problems or problems that may have appeared in the future if they had not been addressed. It also provides a way to naturally boost your immune system, optimize your health and reduce the risk of the causative factors of ill health and chronic illness. Existing clients with a variety of presenting conditions report great success in both alleviating existing conditions and also in helping the recuperative properties of the body, healing quicker and more effectively, with or without traditional pharmaceutical drugs

Do you...?

  • worry about your risks of contracting cancer or heart disease or have a long-standing or difficult health issue, including allergies, food intolerances, depression, ME, chronic fatigue, stress, IBS or sleeplessness

Do you...?

  • often feel 'below par' or ‘out of sorts’

  • need allergy or food intolerance checks

Do you...?

  • Want the assurance of a thorough ‘energy balance’ health check, to understand how your body copes with your lifestyle

  • Want the assurance of a thorough treatment that boosts your immune systems and provides a regular way for you to optimize your health

Do you...?

  • suffer from 'time of life' issues such as fertility problems, hormone imbalances, menopause, puberty

Bioresonance Therapy

  • Stabilises and boosts the body's natural healing systems

  • Identifies adverse areas that may be causing you to be feeling unwell or that may have potential to cause you to be unwell in the future, areas like toxins, allergies, intolerances and cancer markers.

  • Prepares, aligns and detoxifies the body of any adverse elements that have been identified.

The physical body has an impressive intrinsic ability to heal itself. When, however, the body does not complete, or isn't able to action the healing process on its own, we are able as a result of the bioresonance technology to assist in strengthening the body’s inherent healing capacity. When obstacles to this capacity like toxins or ‘blockages’ are removed, the healing process can then proceed

Treatments can be tailored to specific conditions like ME, Fibromyalgia etc; Treatment is able to assess whether the body is out of balance and can indicate either stressful or optimum conditions within specific areas (such as Lung, Heart, Large Intestine, etc.). Where there is need for adjustment to bring imbalances back to ideal readings the bioresonance treatment then automatically effects the optimum balance required for a specific individual. The technology has vast libraries of remedies (285,000) to assist the return of maximum health and balance of well being.

Every health problem is firstly an energetic phenomenon. Bioresonance treatment can also therefore, help detect biochemical changes before they develop into full-blown problems. The Bio-Analysis has the unique advantage of possible detection of systemic stress caused by past exposures to chemicals, diseases, micro-organisms or radiation of one kind or another which may contribute to a patient's underlying health problem.

Some of the major causative factors of illness and possible therapeutic strategies are listed below –

The contributing factors to chronic illness together with a possible therapeutic approach.

Contributing Factor

Nutritional imbalance/deficiency

Pollutants, toxins, drugs

boosts/kickstarts the

Infectious agents: parasites, fungi, bacteria, virus

infections with


Electro-pollution from power cables, VDU, radiation etc.


Emotional/psychological problems, lifestyle,

e.g. lack of exercise, stress


Possible therapeutic approach

Balanced nutrition, supplementation. Bioresonance

Bioresonance supports the body's ability to eliminate toxins. Supports and

immune system.

Bioresonance therapy to strengthen the immune system. Support the body to eliminate

anti- parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial agents.

Identify allergies and desensitise the body to the allergen using bioresonance therapy

Protection from electro-pollution, minimise exposure and desensitize the energy with


Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy), self-help, meditation,

personal/spiritual development

The UpperStorey Care Clinic is an integrated health clinic, which specialises in helping people optimise their health today and reduce the risks of developing future health problems.

We do not replace the traditional medical examinations and health checks that we advise that you continue with your General Practitioner. We are experts in traditional complementary therapies and medicine, bioresonance treatment has been in extensive use in eastern Europe for more than two decades and is now an accepted diagnostic and energy balancing therapy throughout the world. Its use is now seen in many traditional medical practices and health screening clinics alongside traditional medicine. Nutritional, naturopathic and other proven complementary medical disciplines are some of its unique breadth of expertise giving greater insight into the true root causes of health problems, and bioresonance therapy offers a wider range of treatment and preventative options, than a purely orthodox approach could provide.

Many of our tests can be done at home if you are not able to visit the clinic

Call 01886 833741 to make a booking or discuss your requirements and let UpperStorey Care Clinic help optimise your health now.

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