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Bioresonance and Sports

Bioresonance and Sports

UpperStorey Bioresonance WDS e-Lybra System Used By Olympic Medalists

(Posted: 20 December 2007)

Bioresonance has long been used by sports people to help more rapid recovery from injury and to help maintain optimum health and performance. Further evidence of its successful use is by the Olympic Swedish Cross Country team.

The Swedish Cross Country Skiing team "Team Mekonomen" under the guidance of Dr Ulrich Ghisler, have recently been using the e-Lybra system used by the UpperStorey Care Clinic to enhance performance and aid faster recovery for injuries during their build up towards the next major championships.

The four Olympic athletes – Mathias and Thobias Fredriksson, Anders Södergren, and Björn Lind have been using the e-Lybra® system to aid their recover from injuries, to reduce the amount of sick-days during training, and to assist them in remaining mentally fresh and alert for the last 24 months. These four Olympic medallists and Dr Ulrich Ghisler decided in the spring of 2007 to leave the official Swedish team and start up Team Mekonomen.

Bio-resonance is incredibly interesting! The e-Lybra is a fantastic machine that scans the whole body and finds imbalances almost before you feel them yourself, and then it rebalances your body. Sometimes you become aware of problems that could be fixed immediately, before they have a chance to develop.

Mathias Fredriksson, Olympic and World Championship medalist

I was really sceptical in the beginning, but now am I totally convinced that the e-Lybra works, the device is very precise and exact, e-Lybra treatments have made me healthier and I feel very fresh and I am also recovering faster.

Anders Södergren, Olympic and World Championship medalist

The e-Lybra finds imbalances and injuries in the body and rebalances them; it also highlights infections before they have a chance to become something serious. Sometimes I am really surprised by the depth and detail that e-Lybra system goes into.

Thobias Fredriksson, Olympic and World Championship Gold medallist

I was initially sceptical that the e-Lybra balancing session would have any effect, and it seemed totally unrealistic at first, but now I’m fascinated by the problems the device finds and corrects. Even if I don’t understand the technique and technology behind it, and am curious in learning more, it is the positive results that are the important thing.

Björn Lind, Double Olympic Gold medalist

We brought in bio-resonance to see whether it can have an affect on the number of sick-days in the team, specifically when it comes to viruses, where the allopathic medicine doesn't really have anything to offer. We have chosen e-Lybra because it’s easy to use, is a diagnostic tool and also a treatment-device and after two seasons with e-Lybra we have definitely had a lot of interesting results. We have been able to treat diseases and acute and chronic injuries with surprisingly good results, enabling the skiers to return to both training and competition sooner than expected. Team Mekonomen will definitely be exploring more ways to use the e-Lybra and bio-resonance technology to enhance the performance of there team.

Dr Ulrich Ghisler, former athlete, medical doctor for Team Mekonomen

Kevin holds Diploma's in Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition and having played at semi-professional level in football, junior county level cricket and amateur rugby he has a keen and undeniable passion in the sports field.

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