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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

No, the testing is completely painless and non-intrusive.

What does the bioresonance treatment involve?

The patient simply puts on two wrist bands connected to the machine and a program is then run that detects imbalances within the body relating to the allergy condition. Once detected the system automatically then starts the correct healing process and balances those areas of sensitivity or intolerance. The system has the capability to detect areas that may be out of balance within the bodies systems that may either be directly attributable to the allergy or have degenerated because of the severity of the condition. These areas are also corrected with treatment.

Can children be tested?

Yes, as long as the child is now eating solid foods.

Will I need more than one treatment?

For a straightforward case of an allergen or condition that has already been identified i.e. Hay Fever. This is normally completed in one session.

For 'over sensitivity' to a number of different substances or foods then a further one or two sessions may be required particularly where the body's natural immune systems have deteriorated.

Will I have to give up certain foods altogether?

No, not at all. The bioresonance treatment is unique in not only identifying the cause but also balancing your body's system to automatically have the natural immune resistance that a normally functioning individual would have. You do not have to suffer 'elimination diets' with our treatments.

Will it affect any medication I'm taking?

No. Bioresonance has no contra indications that pharmaceutical drugs may have, it is completely natural and only seeks to balance out the areas of imbalance within the body's systems. This combines with traditional medicine.

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