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Hay Fever

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Catherine is an 11 year old girl and suffered terribly with hay fever. Any exposure to grass or pollens affected her breathing and her whole system. Prolonged or extreme exposure to grasses or pollens led to her face becoming bloated and blotchy with great difficulty breathing.

Her mother brought Catherine to the clinic a number of months ago as another member of the family had already had Bioresonance treatment for sinusitis conditions and it had proven very successful for them. The hay fever was preventing Catherine playing with her friends and going on field trips with the school so her mother felt that the Bioresonance treatment should help her and allow her to do the normal things other children were able to do.

We did a 2 hour Bioresonance treatment for hay fever and she went away with the Bio-Capsule which we have recharged only once. Catherine has since been on field trips with her school into the country and can also now play with her friends in the fields near her home or when they go visiting.

Her mother has told me that her condition has changed dramatically and whereas previously she would not have been able to play with her friends in the grass because previously she would have become bloated in her face and breathless she can now live a normal life without worrying about how grass or pollens etc; may effect her.

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