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Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Through Hypnosis, a state of deep relaxation, we have the potential to gain access to the subconscious memories of Past Lives. Some people say it is only the imagination, however, many theories exist on this subject matter. I keep an open mind and work with the client with Past Life Regression (PLR) to help them effect positive change and identify areas of greater understanding as to why they may be a certain way in their present life.

Some people believe that we are reborn many times and these are genuine memories that are released from the subconscious under hypnosis. Another theory is that we inherit genetic memories, suggesting that what is experienced during regression is not our own previous life, but events that involved and are linked to our ancestors

Many enlightened people seek the help of a PLR therapist for varying reasons. Some people want to have a PLR session for therapeutic reasons where you may have a specific problem that you feel may be related to a previous life, or you may be unsure as to why you are a certain way. You may of course just be curious and want to experience what it is like to undergo a past life regression and the sometimes quite intriguing and fascinating information that may arise.

You can be confident that whatever your reason for wanting to experience Past Lives, that having been in practice for 10 years we have developed skills for interacting responsibly and respectfully with the subconscious mind. So you can be assured that you will be in experienced, safe and capable hands.

How Can Past Life Regression Help You?

As I mentioned above you may be experiencing physical or emotional conditions that you have not been able to identify why you are this way. You may have met someone and instantly disliked them or feel that someone you have met you have known before? PLR can help you find the answers

You may just have a natural curiosity to your present and past lives, PLR can produce names and places and you can then conduct your own research to explore these possibilities

Are you drawn to places or have visited places and felt like you have been there before but do not know why, again PLR can sometimes explain why and help you understand more. Many details can be researched and pieced together so they can be authenticated

Some people suffer with Weight Problems, Addictions, Behaviour and Personality Traits, Aches and Pains etc; and these can sometimes be explained with PLR. Sometimes, where traditional health medicines or alternative therapies have not been able to help, PLR can provide the understanding and with this understanding comes about a healing process

PLR can help you bring about balance in your life, understanding why you are who you are and perhaps why you do what you do, it can help to facilitate change at a deep level ensuring your future lives are free of past encumbrance

What Happens During a Past Life Regression Session?

As with any hypnosis session you are relaxed and feel comfortable and enjoy the whole experience. We effect a very pleasant state of relaxation and create a ‘safe place’ for you to go should you feel uncomfortable at any time during the session.

Once a deep state of relaxation is achieved and you are feeling comfortable we can then start to explore your past lives, everybody is individual so we ‘go with the flow’ of your experience to where your unconscious may be naturally guided to or to where you may want to initially direct it.

The session can be recorded or if you are not comfortable with this then notes can be taken

Normally only one session is required, this session lasts around an hour and a half to two hours. Subsequent sessions, if required or requested last around an hour to an hour and a half but longer sessions can be booked on request depending on what your requirements may be.

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